A member of Value Analysis Canada and SAVE international. Accredited trainer for the Quebec government.

Since 1997, the Martin Parrot company offers its clients, services in value management and product development. Mrs Parrot is the main driver, with her 30 years of realizations.

Martin Parrot is owner of the F.A.S.T.Draw software, specialized in the efficient drafting of function trees and FAST diagrams. This software is available to Martin Parrot’s clients.

Latest News

Here is an article published in February 2017, regarding function trees, learn more about this technique!

Our values


Client Autonomy

We strive to make our clients autonomous if they wish so and are comfortable with the new work tools. But we will support you as long as you need it.


We will negotiate and realize all mandates with a total transparency to our clients, every time. In order to be satisfied, you must understand all the steps of the mandate and their purpose.


We are the leaders in value management consultation. We will do every thing to keep this position by pushing the use of the approach to its limits, by following training continuously, by participating to conferences, by tackling new challenges and by linking the methodology to others for synergy.


We will supply services that you need, we will support you during the whole mandate, we will make sure you are comfortable with the approach and we will do all this while respecting your context and culture.


Les associés chez Martin Parrot sont certifiés et peuvent offrir une formation certifiée en AV.

Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux outils et méthodes améliorées et nous avons développé un réseau qui nous permet d’être un leader dans le domaine.

Nous pouvons réaliser nos mandats en français, anglais et espagnol.

Les bénéfices d’utiliser l’AV sont :

  • Une plus grande compétitivité de vos produits et de votre compagnie
  • De meilleurs projets de construction, qui rencontrent mieux les besoins de vos clients à des coûts contrôlés
  • Des processus plus performants et une meilleure perception des usagers
  • Une meilleure performance pour votre compagnie
  • Innovation
  • Votre personnel sera moins fatigué
  • Votre environnement de travail sera plus équilibré
  • Votre environnement de travail sera plus équilibré
  • Vos délais seront respectés
  • Vos produits seront mieux gérés
  • Vos coûts seront mieux controlés


Martin Parrot is composed of its principal partner, Mrs, Lucie Parrot, industrial engineer. She has been consultant in manufacturing systems before being a consultant in value analysis. She has helped many clients better develop and build their products and other projects. She is recognized as a leader in this field. Certified Value Specialist, she also teaches Value Engineering at McGill University and with industrial clients. She is very systematic in her approach and always wants to beat competition. Her sense of humour and great energy are advantages to use during workshops. Mrs Parrot has been certified since 1994.

Mrs Parrot has a team of colleagues, engineers and specialists, who assist her in various mandates, according to the required competencies. Her numerous agreements with privileged partners, allows her to realize mandates in various fields.

The second partner of the company is Mrs. Andréanne Martin. Mrs. Martin is biologist, with a master degree in scientific translation and administrator of Martin Parrot. Information regarding logistics, and contract administration can be found with Mrs. Martin. She also cofacilitates workshops with Mrs. Parrot since 2014.

Lucie Parrot


Andréanne Martin


Presentations and conferences

The personnel of Martin Parrot is often solicited to speak about Value Analysis or product development.
2017-Value Based Priorities in a project portfolio

2017- Using the VA process at different phases of a project

2016- Value proposition and Value analysis, what to learn from each other

2016- VE for the optimization of door systems at Vapor Rail

2015 – Introduction to VA/VE in Quebec City, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton

2014 – VE in the process industries of Canada

2013 – VA in Canada and across the world

2012 – Why does the best value not arise automatically, jointly with Arpad Fodor, Hungary

2012 – VE in Canada, presentation to the Hungarian Value Society

2009-2010 – How to implement a VE program

2008 – VE and sustainable development

2007 – FPS helps understand the multi-utilities tunnels

2006 – Using FPS to understand the client’s needs and design a building

2003 – Using VE to define the training needs of the maintenance department at IBM Canada

2001 – Value Engineering of a complete assembly line at IBM Canada

1996 – Using VE in the optimization of existing products in the aerospace industry.

2011 – Portland International Conference

2010 – Long Beach International Conference: Implementing VE in your enterprise

2006 – Savannah International Conference: the use of Functional Performance Specification to define the needs for a Traffic Volume Information System, for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

2000 – Reno International Conference: the role of the moderator, let’s work and have fun.

1994 – New Orleans International Conference: using Functional analysis to define the performance specifications for a new train at Bombardier, doing it right the first time

2019 – Value University, Geneva, Switzerland, Towards a better use of public funds

2018 – First Austrian conference, the use of VA on publicly funded projects

2017 – International Institute of Business Analysis, VA in the IT sector

2016 – Geneva, first Swiss conference, The evolution of VA in Canada

2012 – Budapest, Hungarian Society for Value Analysis, The evolution of VA in Canada

2007 – Budapest, Hungarian Society for Value Analysis, The use of VE in a product development process


Mrs. Parrot and Martin are just back from a short stay in Switzerland (Geneva and Lausanne, December 2019) where they have met, along with Mr. Cedric Berger of the Swiss Value Society, future users of VA. As for the Montreal and Laval transit authorities, the Public Transport of Geneva and Lausanne are curious to see how VA can help them.

Many projects recognized by PMI-Montreal in the last few years have been value engineered by our team: STM- Stinson center, Du Boisé Library, Jewish general Hospital, QIT in Sorel. Congratulations to the project managers.
I was last night at the PMI Montreal gala and a prize was awarded to the STM for the Stinson center. We have done a VE session on this project, with them. Congratulations to the entire team!
October 21st 2015 – value engineering, in Edmonton. A morning session took place at NAIT, to demystify value engineering.
October 20th 2015 – Value engineering, a tool to deliver projects of greater value. This event in Calgary was organized by APEGA and open to all.
June 7th 2016. Mrs Parrot was awarded a Fellowship from SAVE International. This prestigious nomination highlights her long value analysis career of 25 years. Mrs. Parrot has also contributed to the advancement of the value approach throughout Canada. Congratulations and many more years and projects to come!
Our president, Lucie Parrot, went to Alberta for a few activities: October 19, 2015- Presentations to Calgary City staff, morning for administration and afternoon for project managers. Big day, to discuss value in the city projects and management for project managers. This event was reserved for city staff only.
Ms. Parrot has just been elected by her peers as President of Value Analysis Canada (formerly known as Canadian Society for Value Analysis) for a two-year term.

Training in Geneva

The week of June 19 2017, Mrs Parrot gave a Mod 1 training session at the management school of the University of Geneva. 21 participants learned about the methodology and received their VMA certification.

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The new sports center in the Saint-Laurent borough draws attention. Designed following a architecture competition, there was a value study done, which respected the concept but allowed to optimize the project. We have realized this study! Congratulations to the...

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Some recent news…

Martin Parrot was a partner at the 2015 Summit of the Product Development Institute, in Vaudreuil. The event attracted over 80 persons and many of those stopped by at our booth for information about the value methodology. Many contacts have been made and we sensed an...

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2014 Symposium

Martin Parrot was a sponsor at the Value Analysis Canada symposium, in Toronto on November 17 and 18, 2014. About 150 persons were attending and there was more than 30 presentations, all world class! Mrs Parrot has also MCd the award ceremony, Monday evening. Seven...

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Fresh news

Fall 2014: Ms. Parrot will speak in Trois-Rivières on December 5, at the conference of the Research Group in Industrial Electronics (GREI) and will present: Value analysis, method of optimizing innovations. Ms. Parrot presented a paper on the mining and metals...

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