centre sportif de l'arrondissement de Saint-Laurent

The new sports center in the Saint-Laurent borough draws attention. Designed following a architecture competition, there was a value study done, which respected the concept but allowed to optimize the project. We have realized this study! Congratulations to the project team and good luck with possible prizes.

See Mrs. Parrot in a presentation done regarding value statistics in the city of Calgary. Presentation done in August 2016, at the Value university, in Geneva.

On June 7 2016, Mrs. Parrot was made FELLOW of SAVE International. This prestigious nomination highlights her long career in Value Management, for over 25 years. Mrs. Parrot has helped the methodology grow in Canada. Congratulations and we wish you many more years in the field with many more realizations!

Many projects have been awarded prizes by PMI Montreal in the past few years. Many of those have had a value study: Stinson center for the STM, Du Boisé Library, the Jewish General Hospital, QIT in Sorel. Those value studies were done by Martin Parrot. Congratulations to the project managers.

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