From organizational restructuring to product optimization, Function Analysis does it all!

Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Time: 16:00 (PST), 17:00 (MST), 19:00 (EST), 20:00 (AST)
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Function Analysis is a powerful tool with many uses. It is the perfect approach to identify needs and expectations and prioritize them. We don’t call it “Needs analysis” for nothing. It allows a team to identify what they want to do so a design team can identify the best solution at the best cost, creating value to stakeholders: client (user and buyer), production or construction or programming, or even sales and marketing.

This presentation will demonstrate with examples the use of function analysis in various contexts: technical such as water usage optimization, administrative such as organizational development, software such as simulators, business such as portfolio management and others. All those examples have in common is that a good needs analysis, was completed prior to developing a solution and was used to create value.

Lucie Parrot, P.eng. M.eng, CVS-life, FSAVE

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